The Love Project



When I look at a picture of someone I love, I see a piece of their spirit in a wonderful time capsule. Memory is such a strong and emotional experience and suddenly this split second in time becomes a moment I can treasure forever – I can remember how their laugh sounds, the way their face changes when they smile, what it feels like to be around them – I get to live a moment with the person I love, just by looking at a photograph. With digital cameras and seemingly endless images, one would think we will have more photos than we could ever know what to do with; however in the technological age, images are deleted as fast as they are created and there comes a point when we shy away from the camera. We no longer want to see ourselves in less than perfect snapshots on smartphones. But what if you were able to change that experience – what if you could capture the essence of who you are through the beauty that shines from your eyes and your smile; if you could see yourself as if looking through the eyes of your loved ones, would you feel differently?

Through The Love Project, not only did we invite women to participate in a beauty photo shoot, but we also challenged each of them to write a love letter to themselves. To fully acknowledge what makes them extraordinary – to reflect and revel in their journey and to manifest the most important truth – you are exactly who you should be, and as beautiful as you have ever been, TODAY.



One of the hardest things we face as women, girl bosses, mothers, daughters, is remembering to stop and love the woman we are, where we are. We focus so much of our effort on putting everything in its right place, getting the babies fed, bathed and tucked, writing, working, and swimming mad like sharks for fear of dropping dead if we stop. But we must give ourselves those small moments, the quiet places in our minds and hearts, to look in the mirror and take time to love the one that has waited patiently for recognition. The one we think will never live up to our highest standards and will continually fall short of our unrealistic expectations of perfection. Stop where you are right now and hold strong in the truth that you are perfect at this moment, for all of your yesterdays and for all of the hopes you hold for tomorrow. Stand tall and drink in the heart aches and laughter that have accompanied you on the journey. Be content in the ebbs and flows of life’s holy mix and grant yourself the forgiveness, and love, your heart desires. Celebrate you, because you my dear, are wonderful.