¬†She is a symbol of womanhood and motherhood all in one. The strength she exerts is inspirational. Her courage and heart have filled me with admiration…

"In late 2014 Elizabeth's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. It wasn't long after that we found out it was terminal and she would be battling for her life until the end. In early 2015 Elizabeth would be going through additional heartache with her marriage. Two of the most important people in her life seemed to being drifting away. Not one time did she crack, break, or lose sight of what she still had to do... Even though her world was crumbling beneath her feet she stride on with strength and courage.

In the early Fall of 2015, my wonderful aunt Kathie lost her battle with cancer. It came faster and more unexpected than we all had planned. It hit our family hard and has left us feeling broken and empty. With all the confusion and hurt she was feeling with what she faced in her marriage, she put it all aside to focus on being a support to our family who was grieving. She still had to be a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, aunt, and friend to many people.

Everyday she wakes with the courage to face what the day may bring. The unknown pain that she may feel come on strong while driving her kids to activities, the grief she may feel while looking at a picture of her family when times were easier, or the emptiness she feels when she remembers she can't pick up the phone to call her mom...The love for her children and her loved ones is unbelievably amazing and pure. Everyone she encounters gets to experience happiness and joy. "

She has an infectious attitude that radiates out of her. She inspires others to be the best version of themselves through her own journey.

Vicki is an inspiration and joy in everything that she does.  Her smile and laughter fill a room, and her enthusiasm is contagious.  I have watched her walk in love, in spite of the many challenges life has thrown her way, including losing her father just 11 days shy of her 25th birthday.  Through her heart breaking loss she has never ceased to be a devoted mother, sister and daughter. In 2012 Vicki began a weight loss journey and has shown great strength and comittment, not only to herself, but to others around her who want to walk in her footsteps.  I have been inspired by her through her courage and dedication and feel honored to be a small part of her story.    

"she woke up everymorning with the option of being anyone she wished.

how beautiful it was that she always chose herself."

-tyler kent white

Meet Amy

LOVE PROJECT amy from Lisa Quinlan on Vimeo.

Amy is most known for literally sprinkling kindness EVERYWHERE SHE GOES

 It's impossible to walk away from her without feeling better about yourself. The gift she gives...happiness. It almost seems unreal. On the flip-side, Amy does nothing for herself. Ever. I met her because her mother in-law drug her into the salon and paid for her to get her hair done. Amy would never spend money on herself. I convinced her that she's "worth it", although it took a while...I'm still overwhelmed by the endless volunteering and her going above and beyond for every single person she knows. Amy stretches herself so thin, that she doesn't even realize or honestly care that she never treats herself. She is hands down, the most caring person I've ever met.

One of the hardest things we face as women, girl bosses, mothers and daughters, is to stop and love the woman we are, where we are.  We focus so much of our effort on putting everything in its right place, getting the babies fed, bathed and tucked, writing, working, and swimming mad like sharks for fear of dropping dead if we stop.  But we must give ourselves those small moments to look in the mirror and take time to love the one that has waited patiently for recognition.  The one we think will never live up to our highest standards and will continually fall short of our unrealistic expectations of perfection.   Stop where you are right now and hold strong in the truth that you are perfect at this moment, for all of your yesterdays and for  all of the hopes you hold for tomorrow.   Stand tall and drink in the heart aches and laughter that has accompanied you on the journey.  Be content in the ebbs and flows of life's holy mix and grant yourself the forgiveness and love your heart desires. Celebrate you, because you my dear, are wonderful.

 We are looking to recognize women of all walks, ages and accomplishments - someone who inspires you and maybe someone who puts everyone in front of themselves.   Who do you think deserves to go on a love journey?