Matthew Gaulke : Minneapolis Artist

I had the pleasure of spending yesterday afternoon photographing Minneapolis artist, Matthew Gaulke, and walking away with a few of his babies makes me feel like I won this round – I got a Daphne and I’m not giving her up. Aside from letting his GQ side out, we talked creative process, past lives, by which I mean all of the roads we traveled to arrive to today, and of course Russian women.

Gaulke’s portfolio is a stunning and enviable collection of beautifully drawn women. His use of line work and incorporation of geometric shapes are unique and seemingly effortless, only to discover he uses his left hand for those elements of his work. It is also hard not to be captivated by his use of color and the striking quality it lends to his drawings. By his own humble admission his art has taken a lot of work and dedication and he has high respect for other artists who are developing their craft. Check out his Instagram and buy his art – why? because it will outlast all of us.









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