Jazz Age : Speakeasy Wedding Shoot | Flat Earth Brewing Co. Saint Paul, MN


Welcome to St. Paul’s East Side



As America stepped into the 1920’s Prohibition was being enforced across the country as the Volstead Act was adopted.   But the party would not die as bootleggers, gangsters and the legendary speakeasy establishments swept the nation.  Flappers challenged the social norm by working outside of the home, shortening their skirts, bobbing their hair and allowing themselves the freedom to enjoy liquor and jazz music.


Close your eyes and listen to the sound of Count Basie, clanging glasses, and boisterous laughter filling the room around you as you are transported back to the Jazz Age.   Let the romantic in you imagine F. Scott Fitzgerald  sipping  whiskey next to John Dillinger at a nearby table in the heart of Saint Paul, where police pockets are lined and criminals come for safe haven.  


We invite you to attend a double wedding in a secret establishment where “cat’s meow” is the password and you’ll need a key to enter.  Remember, loose morals require tight lips, so mum’s the word.  If you don’t follow the House Rules, the barkeep will give you the bum’s rush – remember his word is law.



As you pass through the large, hand carved doors of Flat Earth Brewing Co., located in the renovated Hamm’s Brewery building built in 1894,  you find yourself stepping into an older time; the smell of hops rich, the atmosphere provocative.   From the early stages of planning this shoot, we wanted to envelop the electrifying energy of the Roaring Twenties, reveling in its dramatic fashion and rich color palette. A veritable cornucopia of texture and color, we started with deep chocolate, emerald, and navy adding in hints of gold, burgundy, orange and blush.  We used eclectic collections of vintage decor and metals in different shades of champagne and gold.  Our textiles were blends of velvet, lace and sequin, creating a lavish feel only to be exceeded by the stunning floral designs which draped every corner of the establishment, truly transforming it into a decadent paradise.



The room was brought to life by soft candlelight, which played beautifully off of the blood orange and pomegranates while the macaroons and cake dripped in gold.   Hints of art deco were incorporated in the opulent invitations and menus which incorporated era specific slang and signature cocktails for the discerning flapper.  The altar was draped in lace and cascading floral draw-backs, paired with lavish candelabras and a perfectly matched antique chandelier.  The ornately carved bridal chair, which resides at Flat Earth Brewing Co., was a flawless touch to the green exposed brick and romantic, yet masculine styling.

The final touch was in the styling of our two couples to wed.    Dressed in colors to match the mood, the men opted for rich tones to reflect the gangsters who ruled the city of that time.  The women were styled impeccably with gorgeously coiffed finger waves and authentic 1920’s art deco estate jewels.  Using different textures, each wore a dress with its own seductive details and a floral bridal belt by Heidi Elnora was used to mimic the flapper headpieces reminiscent of the era.  The design efforts by Dillinger Studios, Destined Designer Events and Grace Klein Floral & Event Design, along with all of the amazing vendors who contributed their talents, truly helped to breathe life and swank into this inspired event.

Vendors :


Dillinger Studios
Destined Designer Events 
Grace Klein Floral & Event Design
Flat Earth Brewing Co
Cici Event Rentals 
Apres Party & Tent Rental 
Paper Thick Ink
Amy’s Cupckae Shoppe
BRIDAL ATTIRE // Silk Dress / Fur Shrug
The White Room Minneapolis 
Johanna Johnson
BRIDAL ATTIRE // Lace Dress / Floral Belt Head Piece
Flutter Bridal Boutique
DRESS DESIGNER  : Aria / Heidi Elnora
Tip Top Tux
Pompadour  A Lifestyle Salon 
J.B. Hudson
Mill City Fineries
Brian Glad
Models : Chase Tucker, Carly Anne Molstad, Aaron Johnson, Sarah Dordal

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