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One of the hardest things we face as women, girl bosses, mothers, daughters, is remembering to stop and love the woman we are, where we are.  We focus so much of our effort on putting everything in its right place, getting the babies fed, bathed and tucked, writing, working, and swimming mad like sharks for fear of dropping dead if we stop.  But we must give ourselves those small moments, the quiet places in our minds and hearts, to look in the mirror and take time to love the one that has waited patiently for recognition.  The one we think will never live up to our highest standards and will continually fall short of our unrealistic expectations of perfection.   Stop where you are right now and hold strong in the truth that you are perfect at this moment, for all of your yesterdays and for  all of the hopes you hold for tomorrow.   Stand tall and drink in the heart aches and laughter that has accompanied you on the journey.  Be content in the ebbs and flows of life’s holy mix and grant yourself the forgiveness and love your heart desires. Celebrate you, because you my dear, are wonderful.


To ring in 2016, Dillinger Studios & Gray Ducks Studios are partnering to do a self-love project and we are asking that you nominate an extraordinary woman in your life to be a part of a styled photo shoot + video editorial.   We are looking to recognize women of all walks, ages and accomplishments – someone who inspires you and maybe someone who puts everyone in front of themselves.   Who do you think deserves to go on a love journey?


I am so gracious to be able to work with women in such great capacity. To be able to give back and connect with them is…

Posted by Dillinger Studios Photography on Friday, January 1, 2016

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